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Smaller C compiler (Announce)

posted by roytam(R), 02.04.2015, 02:01

> Multiple reasons:
> - bison/yacc/etc don't help much and it's not all that hard to implement
> all this manually (I must've done a full lexer/parser at least once in my
> life myself!: ) One could also reasonably ask why writing yet another C
> compiler? Many already exist and are available. And who cares about it
> being able to target realmode DOS? :)
> - I don't want too many dependencies on other tools
> - If I'd used those other tools, I wouldn't have been able to make the
> compiler self-compilable for a long time (long = until it could compile
> those other tools), but I wanted it to compile itself and selfhost as early
> as possible

hmm, what about win16 (NE output) support?


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