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Smaller C compiler (Announce)

posted by alexfru(R), USA, 02.04.2015, 10:08

> hmm, what about win16 (NE output) support?

I'm not familiar with NE (at all) or Win16 APIs (I had very little 16-bit programming experience with Windows). So, I don't know the exact problems that may need to be overcome other than just supporting a different kind of executable and rewriting pieces of the standard library. Windows 3.xx support was not and is not planned. Even Windows 9x/Me/2k isn't supported because the standard library links to a few functions that appear only in Windows XP (this can be worked around, though).

There's one potential problem in that Smaller C doesn't have good support for segmentation and far pointers. If Win16 is happy with an app having just 2 segments (code and combined data/stack) and there are no far pointers to things outside these 2 segments, then it might be doable. Otherwise some hacks are needed and they will cause performance degradation (e.g. the huge model support in DOS).

Why are you asking? Is this related to ReactOS? (they have linked to Smaller C recently).


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