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incorrect windows version with HX (DOSX)

posted by iw2evk(R), Magenta (Italy), 05.04.2015, 21:31

> I never use 7z.exe , but it does support extra stuff (e.g. img or iso, see
> "7z i"). I don't think it ever worked for me under HX. So you're saying
> older versions did work for you?
Yes, older version on the bottom of page in link it's a "pestubed " older 7z and can open .exe self extracting files and .iso and .msi (with some flaws)

> IIRC, my compiles of p7zip only built 7za and 7zr, but it shouldn't be
> impossible to get (partial functionality) 7z to build (maybe with some
> patches). I'm not sure what you're trying to do, though, e.g. what do you
> need from 7z that isn't supported in 7za?

Opening autoextracting files create with 7z (.exe) and iso and .msi , not suporting in 7za and .rar
> HX is not (AFAIK) maintained. Japheth is AWOL. He was never friendly enough
> with most of us to share personal details, so I have no idea. Even his site
> is still offline.

Yes , i know the state of art of HX : japheth it's "Missing in action" ..
> You're barking up the wrong tree. Just use ReactOS, and forget HX.
> Seriously, barring a huge miracle, HX is dead.

Mhhh: but reactOs can coexist with a freedos distro? I want mantain dos on my second notebook.. Reactos use a true dos or use an emulation like win xp?




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