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incorrect windows version with HX - Japheth (DOSX)

posted by Arjay(R), 10.04.2015, 03:12

> HX is not (AFAIK) maintained. Japheth is AWOL. He was never friendly enough
> with most of us to share personal details, so I have no idea. Even his site
> is still offline.
Hi, I did wonder early on if like myself he's had other things affecting his hobby, however a couple of months ago I spent several hours trying to see if I could locate anything. I pulled up various resources and noted that the game stuff he was also working on went all quiet at the same time. I thought about emailing the domain admin for his website or one of the other 3/4 game developers to try and find out but have been caught up with my own concerns.

> You're barking up the wrong tree. Just use ReactOS, and forget HX.
> Seriously, barring a huge miracle, HX is dead.
I think at the last it's worthwhile making sure HX is better archived somewhere.


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