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Smaller C compiler (tests under emulation) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 07.05.2015, 10:33

I never read nor frequented news://alt.os.development before,
but I somehow stumbled upon an old post from last October:

> Another thing that could help with testing under DOS is some
> simple tooling and scripting to build the compiler, write it
> and a bunch of tests and batch files to a floppy image, run
> stuff from it in a VM, then get back the log from the floppy
> image. I haven't researched automation with DOSBox, VirtualBox
> and the like. I imagine, not everyone of them provides
> programmatic interface to create/update/start/stop a VM.

I'm far from an expert. Plus most people indeed don't have
the interest to attempt things like this (at least not for DOS).

BTW, in an effort to be brief, I'll just post a few relevant
links here:

1). (also, 7-Zip 7z can extract)

I've still been working on my single-floppy .img (FreeDOS) MetaDOS
distribution (0.2, still unreleased). The original version was
ultra minimal and somewhat useless (and broken). This one, while
still somewhat weak, is heavily improved. It uses packet drivers
to enable networking (mTCP's FTP, Watt-32 built Wget or Links2),
at least under VBox or QEMU.

My point is that I (privately, manually) run naive tests occasionally
just to make sure some things (still) work, e.g. rebuilding old NASM,
rebuilding the kernel, some random other silly things. E.g. my TP-ish
Befunge-93 interpreter, which I sometimes use (snapshot from FTP)
FreePascal's ppcross8086 (Win32-hosted cross-compiler) under HX (since
there still isn't a self-hosted DOS version!). BTW, they don't even
use NASM (nor WLIB) by default anymore, only internal bin writer.

I did see that you said you'd filed bugs against OpenWatcom. I still
haven't tried the 2.0-pre releases, although Jiri did update his
unofficial snapshot last month. I keep meaning to try to rebuild
NASM with it (which is, AFAIK, totally broken and unsupported
for that compiler due to bugs), but it's not important enough.
I don't even remember when it last built correctly (with OW),
probably 2.09-ish. Not sure about DJGPP, haven't tried natively.
I think they only cross-compile (for DOS via DJGPP) from Linux
, which might make things harder (./configure never works well
anywhere else).

Did I mention that I'm using a RAM driver (now unmaintained) by
Jason Hood that won't assemble in newer NASMs (due to his very
weird nasm.mac macros)? Yeah, fun fun fun. Oh, and the FreeDOS
kernel also requires NASM to rebuild.

Did any of this help? I feel like I just mostly rambled (again, sigh).


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