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IBIBLIO is dead (Miscellaneous)

posted by mbbrutman(R) Homepage, Washington, USA, 16.05.2015, 22:45

> The issue is that iBiblio FTP went Extended Passive Mode, presumably in
> support of IPv6.

This is not quite right. Extended Passive or Extended Port mode is a command from the client, not the server.

In the case of IBiblio their server address resolves to one IPv4 address but the server is telling clients to connect to a different IPv4 address when a client requests a passive mode connection. While legal per the FTP RFC, this kind of server hand-off to a third party machine has probably never been implemented and is probably a firewall misconfiguration.

The lftp command line client and Chrome browser using FTP both work, presumably because they are ignoring the IPv4 address handed back as part of the PASV command. They are using the existing server address plus the new port. A modified copy of the mTCP FTP client works if I do the same trick.

I've reported the problem to iBiblio and they are working on it. They estimate it will be fixed early next week.

mTCP - TCP/IP apps for vintage DOS machines!


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