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connect 2 dos pc via usb cable (Users)

posted by mvojvodic(R), 19.05.2015, 11:18
(edited by mvojvodic on 19.05.2015, 11:34)

> What do you exactly mean with a "bulb" in the middle? Probably not a
> lightbulb but some controller, what USB class is it?

I have YFC BonEagle Magic USB Data Link with USB 2.0 controller
in the middle. There is no way to connect two PCs with common USB
cable. One of my colleagues tried that and damaged both motherboards.

In DOS 7.10 and DataLink ROM-DOS 7.1 I use Panasonic USBASPI.SYS 2.06
and Ninja ASPI DI1000DD.SYS 2.00; in Windows XP, Vista, and 7 no drivers
are necessary, for Windows 98 SE there is driver installation CD.

I did not try Windows 8 and 10. Also I did not test it under Linux or
any other DOS.

In all cases the other PC is emulated as USB disk. It has its own single
drive letter, and its disk, CD and diskette units are visible as the
subdirectories. The emulator uses labels as subdirectory names, but for
disks, diskettes and CDs without labels the names are NONAME1, NONAME2, ... etc.

Maybe this will help.
Sorry for my bad English (it is not my native language and I know it
should be better).


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