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connect 2 dos pc via usb cable (Users)

posted by iw2evk(R), Magenta (Italy), 19.05.2015, 13:41

Hi ,
> In DOS 7.10 and DataLink ROM-DOS 7.1 I use Panasonic USBASPI.SYS 2.06
> and Ninja ASPI DI1000DD.SYS 2.00; in Windows XP, Vista, and 7 no drivers
> are necessary, for Windows 98 SE there is driver installation CD.
> In all cases the other PC is emulated as USB disk. It has its own single
> drive letter, and its disk, CD and diskette units are visible as the
> subdirectories. The emulator uses labels as subdirectory names, but for
> disks, diskettes and CDs without labels the names are NONAME1, NONAME2, ...
> etc.

So in client pc you load usbaspi.sys and di1000dd , but in sever (the other PC) whath software you load?



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