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connect 2 dos pc via usb cable (Users)

posted by mvojvodic(R), 19.05.2015, 15:16
(edited by mvojvodic on 19.05.2015, 15:38)

> Hi ,
> >
> > In DOS 7.10 and DataLink ROM-DOS 7.1 I use Panasonic USBASPI.SYS 2.06
> > and Ninja ASPI DI1000DD.SYS 2.00; in Windows XP, Vista, and 7 no drivers
> > are necessary, for Windows 98 SE there is driver installation CD.
> So in client pc you load usbaspi.sys and di1000dd , but in sever (the other
> PC) whath software you load?
> Thanks

The emulator firmware always treats the other PC like USB disk and there is
no client nor server. Both PCs handle the other one as external USB disk.
Naturally, for PC that runs DOS you have to install USB drivers for DOS.
As for any USB driver for DOS your mileage may vary and mostly depends on BIOS.

For Windows 98 SE you have to use driver CD from cable package (generic USB
driver does not work), and for newer Windows systems no USB drivers are

No special data transfer program is needed, because PC sees the other PC as
USB disk. In DOS I use DOS Navigator OSP 6.4.0 and in Windows Total
Commander. Of course, you can use Windows Explorer instead.

I have info only for my cable, but you can visit Total Commander site to
get more info about different USB cables used for PC to PC connection.
See for several cables, but if
some USB cable does not work in Total Commander that does not mean it
will not work at all.

Note: You cannot transfer files from both PCs in the same time
(simultaneous bidirectional mode is not supported).


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