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links 2.9 enanched BINARIES released (Developers)

posted by iw2evk(R), Magenta (Italy), 27.05.2015, 08:13

Hi Rayer,

please forward this info to Mikulas .
Actually it's in developping stage of links 3.0 , so can be patch this issues.

Mail adress on links site or previusly post.


> Hi, I made a quick test of new links, some notes:
> * I got this error message on startup: "Error setting receiver mode: An
> invalid receiver mode was specefied", maybe some cfg value needs to be
> changed
> * browsing history is saved properly and can be used before links exit but
> then never loads in new session. I tried to delete the history file and it
> was created again but didn't load
> * some images are heavily upscaled as you can see on this shot
>, compared to Mozilla here
> All this issues I had also with old version from 2014, so nothing new. File
> download speed ~330kB/s @6MB file.


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