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New XIDE driver (5.6.2015) from Jack (Announce)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 08.06.2015, 10:57

Johnson Lam has posted an updated 5-Jun-2015 DRIVERS.ZIP file with a
single XIDE driver, in his "dropbox" at:

XIDE is now a single driver, using a /P switch to request high-speed
"protected caching", also a /X switch to disable overlap of UltraDMA
disk I-O with caching on an "old" or "odd" mainboard requiring this.
XIDE's overlap of UltraDMA disk input with caching is also improved.

Do try the new XIDE driver, which does everything from only a single
8.5K XIDE.SYS file (12K after UPX unpacking, but it returns unneeded
load-time space back to DOS for other uses).

Also, regarding the following post:

Other FD-User posts denote the use of a 15-year-old "Lite-On" CD/DVD
drive, a cheap brand "noted" for trouble only their drivers fix, and
such an old a drive may not be fully ATAPI-compatible. XIDE or its
predecessors are written to support "modern" CD/DVD drives which are
ATAPI-compatible, the "standard" in CD/DVD drives for years. Older
CD/DVD schemes are unsupported.

I tested the 5-Jun-2015 XIDE, using my 2007 Gigabyte CD/DVD which IS
ATAPI-compatible, with "CDP" V1.27 from Simtel playing an "old" Dean
Martin audio CD. No problems, and all "CDP" functions (open/close
tray, rewind, fast-forward, etc.) worked fine. Users of XIDE with
"modern" ATAPI CD/DVD drives should also have no problems playing an
audio CD or reading CD/DVD data files.

Jack R. Ellis

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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