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New XIDE driver (5.6.2015) from Jack - test result (Announce)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 15.06.2015, 04:32

I'm really not interested in your personal war but here are some tech. stuff:

I just did testing of the new xide driver (5.6.2015) and first I can tell that there's noticable speed-up with /p switch and under my pmode test program (typical value taken from ~5 runs):

UIDE 2014:
Writting average speed: 58.240 MB/s
Reading average speed: 86.281 MB/s

Writting average speed: 63.825 MB/s
Reading average speed: 95.086 MB/s

I was a bit surprised that my SSD run slower than HDD (with UIDE even a bit slower):
Writting average speed: 68.518 MB/s
Reading average speed: 70.594 MB/s

Anyway all this speeds are great and some % doesn't matter. Unfortunatelly neither XIDE nor UIDE cannot detect HDD on my Evo N620c notebook that runs pooly ~4,5MB/s that would really need some boost.

Then I was testing analog and digital CDDA playback.
Analog playback (I used DOS Navigator built-in CDP) works fine with both UIDE and XIDE.
Digital playback in MPXPlay and grabbing with DAC doesn't work with XIDE - I got only some staccato noise and MPX UI was busy so I had to eject CD to stop it. With UIDE the digital playback works fine on both my drives (TEAC CDW-524EK and NEC ND-4550A). I sent report to Jack.

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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