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Jack hates everyone, even his friends (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 15.06.2015, 07:25

> I'm really not interested in your personal war

There is no war, not at all. Despite many hours and years of helping him, he directly blames me for a "very UNFRIENDLY post" here on BTTR, where I only said to someone, "I'm not sure if they work at all anymore". And from that alone, he both closed all sources ("worst betrayal") and insulted me rather heavily in private email.

But I totally ignored him, which just makes him angrier. And despite the fact that this was all related to him accidentally being "locked out" from freedos-user (because of the recent certificate "bug", thanks to him still using NT 4.0 and Opera 7.54), as of today he has found a way to resubscribe (even though he intentionally avoided ALL of my suggested workarounds and insisted he was "giving up").

But the only thing he did (instead of rejoicing that the problem is solved) was flame me many times and blame me for closing sources. All because of one sentence, which he (erroneously) took the wrong way.

> ... I sent report to Jack.

Keep in mind that I was totally sympathetic and always helping him. Did you not know that he personally requested (many times) that I announce for both FreeDOS and here on BTTR? Why do you think I was always mentioning it? It was no accident, it was what he wanted. But he eventually stopped asking, for no good reason, and he said he was "giving up on FleaDOS" (due to uncontrollable "bug" at, and then even further took one minor quote of mine out of context, all as a ruse just to be rude and go insane.

There is no war, just him being irrationally angry over an "insult" that didn't even exist. (I wasn't even talking to him! How can I insult a guy who isn't even active on the forum? If I wanted to insult him, I could easily email him privately [like he did to me] or just use many of his own words against him. He has insulted everyone he's ever met! He's the perfect example of rude, worthy of condemnation, but he can't even see it! He still thinks I'm the evil one here, but it's all in his head!)


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