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Quake 2 port for DOS! (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 18.06.2015, 21:53

> ... but I don?t have installed slang library to do so and cannot find
> the prebuilt, sh configure from sourcers fail as usually? :\

BTW, a billion comments on his blog is probably not the best place to further the conversation. ;-)

Anyways, what exactly is Slang library needed for?? Watt-32?????

I haven't rebuilt Watt-32 lately. Again, I'm not sure why he is either. I would personally just use the prebuilt one on /beta/v2tk/ (e.g. from 21-Dec-2013) unless there was a VERY good reason. I honestly am not aware of any upstream changes on Gisle Vanem's website, but I could certainly be wrong. (I had thought he said he was only updating Win32/Win64 these days. No??)

I did write an old .BAT to rebuild JED with DJGPP a few years ago, and it uses Slang. (No, I didn't need Watt-32.) Maybe that helps??


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