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WVware convert .Doc to HTML with HX extender (Developers)

posted by iw2evk(R), Magenta (Italy), 20.06.2015, 15:58

Hi Guys,

this for inform that WVWARE for win convert .doc or rtf files in html
wvware con convert .doc to .htm with use of hx extender on DOS

Go to GNUWIN32 page on sourceforge. Select wv page.
Download the full package.
Load doslfn
expand in c:\
goes in \gnuwin\bin and pestubbing wvware.exe
goes in \gnuwin\share\wv and copy all. XML files to \gnuwin\bin

now copy file.doc to convert in \gnuwin\bin
invoke wvware.exe -x c:\gnuwin\bin\wvhtml.xml file.doc > file.dat
(this is a trick suggest from Georg Potthast)
ren file.dat file.htm
open with flwriter or your preferred dos browser

you can also create a batch file (.bat) :

gnuwin.exe -x c:\gnuwin\bin\wvhtml.xml %1.doc > %1.dat
ren %1.dat %1.htm

You can also pestubbed others converter and utilities associated.

Good tests

Roberto iw2evk


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