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Quake 2 port for DOS, now with HDA sound! (Announce)

posted by neozeed(R), 27.06.2015, 03:10

> > Cool, they managed to adopt Mpxplay drivers with some modification to
> > and made the dream come true - Q2DOS sound on modern sound cards. It
> also
> > open the way to backport this drivers to QDOS and HEXEN II games.
> > I tested on my SB Audigy 2 and it plays fine @22k, with some glitches
> @44k.
> > Don't forget to run Q2.EXE with -hda option. More discussion at
> >
> Very cool! Does your above patch with the higher VESA modes also support
> the mpxplay sound drivers? If it doesn't, are you able to post a compiled
> binary (with the necessary DJGPP modifications) of Q2.EXE which does
> include that support?
> If this can be backported to Quake DOS and / or Hexen 2, that will make it
> even more wonderful.

Even better, we got DXE3's working so you can jump between games, load and unload modules etc.

It's really cool, if I do say so myself.


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