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using ghostscript like "print manager" (Users)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 27.06.2015, 03:36

> Hi all guys,
> as we know one of lacks of dos it's the print managing.
> Some programs have "personal" print files, but the commercial software it's
> not updated (dos it's not a commercial target for software house today..)
> Others program (many porting from others os ) don't have a printer files.
> I've found very smart the solution used in Flwriter : use a ghoscrpt for
> managing many printers and kinds of fies.
> The question is : exist a program for take a .postcript screenshoth of
> screen
> to be send to gs for printing ?
> The new release of gs have new printers and files converting capability
> V.S. dos version of gs?
> I stand for your comments...
> Roberto iw2evk

DOS Arachne

Alt+P = Print or export (PostScript)



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