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I will give away some hardware: Covox LPT Stereo. (Miscellaneous)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 29.06.2015, 18:33

Hehe, Covox, I built one myself years ago (only simple mono but with small PA powered from remaining LPT lines or from 5V of PS/2 connector.
I also made a simple cmdline mp3 player using scitech mp3 decoding library.

I just have one idea that would enhance covox - to add FIFO memory (cheap 32-64kB SRAM chip) and simple MCU/CPLD controller:
+ it will make smooth playback on newer PCs where SMI/BIOS routines (that cannot be disabled by user) could take too much time breaking precise high-speed LPT data feed.
+ it will allow high-speed async burst LPT feed that result in less CPU load
+ it will use onboard programmable clock generator for precise output frequency independent on PC timer
+ it could be disabled and used as old dummy covox
- AFAIK there are no programmers that would support it in new programs and old programs would need to be rewritten to use this enhaned covox.
So I'm rather interested in support of new existing sound HW for DOS and some kind of SB emulation if one day will happen :)

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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