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Quake 2 port for DOS, now with HDA sound! (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 01.07.2015, 20:06

> I don't like pmode/w, it seems to always crash in v86 mode (emm/jemm).
> Maybe it could be stripped and subbed with something more friendly

So either MS EMM386 or JEMM386 misbehave? (Normally I don't load EMS these days unless needed, only pure XMS.) Probably just assumes ring 0, i.e. privileged stuff, somewhere.

(BTW, dare I mention, but the ancient shareware DOOM.EXE 1.9 using built-in DOS4G Professional 1.95 from 1993 works perfectly fine, no problems, except for hanging upon exit, unless booting raw or using DOS32A.EXE instead, since it chokes on too much RAM. Even optionally loading CWSDPMI r7 chokes it with too much free DPMI reported.)

I agree that PMODE/W isn't the most robust extender, but at least it mostly works. Presumably he also built with DJGPP as a good alternative for further testing.

> DJGPP version in my case sometimes doesn't start too due instant corruption
> when UIDE was loaded but in other cases it run well, see below.
> * when I disable UIDE and enable lbacache instead I doesn't see any
> problem. Even lba cache is faster for compilation (gcc make of qdos):

Years ago, I discovered that RAM disk (with compiler installed there, plus %TMPDIR% pointing there) plus cache loaded were faster than even DOSEMU atop Linux. Of course LFN drivers slow things down a lot, too.

> BTW Neozeed noticed on this: "I stopped using UIDE because it was
> corrupting write behind cacheing in some games (Quake 2 was one of
> them)"

> I don't remember that any other program cause such problem with UIDE which
> I use for many years...

Well, Laaca recently said that he had (more) troubles with Borland RTM/DPMI16. His alleged solution was mentioned here, but I also found an old workaround similarly mentioned by Japheth back in 2011.


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