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Quake 2 port for DOS, now with HDA sound! (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 05.07.2015, 23:26

> > I also tried under my old P4 (EMU10k1) but no sound. But Mpxplay doesn't
> work there either...

BTW, Mpxplay doesn't work for Laaca's "Sound blaster Live! value [CT4830]" either.

> Did you have loaded the SB emulation drivers?

No, and I'm not even aware of any (good) public links to such old drivers. The few that can still be easily found are often Win32 PE installer .EXEs, which aren't exactly DOS-friendly.

> In my case it doesn't work with them. The MPX drivers can handle
> SBL/SBA on it's own so I don't load any sound drivers

Mpxplay doesn't work (by default) on such a machine.

> (is doesn't work on new MBs anyway) and MPX, QuickView, QDOS...
> detects it and plays well.

QuickView and an old freeware Live! module player (LMP09.ZIP) both independently work. Once they have "enabled" whatever, then and only then will Mpxplay work on such a machine (but not after cold reboot).

So, I did try again (on my old P4, the one with SB Live! EMU10k1) with ZDoom + Doom 1.9 shareware. I couldn't hear any sound, so I ran LMP on some .MOD files (successfully). I was hoping that would help. But it was so quiet that I assumed that even that didn't work. Though when I later turned up the speakers all the way, then I could somewhat hear Doom sfx (semi-quietly). So I don't know if it worked without help or not, but if it's just using Mpxplay's drivers, then I doubt it. But it was quiet enough to not be obvious, even after my weak attempt to (indirectly) initialize it.


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