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New XIDE driver (5.6.2015) from Jack - test result (Announce)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 06.07.2015, 13:12

When I "solved" my problem with XHDD+JemmEX+borland compatility i later found that I broke the compatilibity with SoundBlaster emulation driver.

When I started SBEINIT.COM file to setup my SB Live as legacy soundblaster I was still getting an error message, something like: "Not loaded, could not allocate memory region bellow 4MB"

So I tried to find configuration to join XHDD+JemmEX+borland+SBEINIT.COM

It looked bad but then I found that I am not using original Borland RTM extender but some unofficial "improved" by Mystic bytes software. I completely forgot it!

When I tried to use the original RTM everything worked like a charm and then was trivial to setup the CONFIG.SYS file.

So this it the reason why you was not able to reproduce my problems. If you want to use the unofficial RTM by Mystic bytes software I uploaded it here:



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