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Windows 10 NTVDM (Users)

posted by alexfru(R), USA, 04.08.2015, 06:35

> Maybe they want to support older mobile devices with 32b-only Atoms, as
> "mobile" is MS mantra now...
> I understand there's very little effort to test and support NTVDM subsystem
> but I wouldn't expect such obvious bugs. It would be nice if they don't
> touch the working code as possible...

You wish. But I'm speaking from actual experience working at the company. If it's a show stopper or a big security hole, it will get due attention. But if it's something down the list of dozens and hundreds and thousands of mundane things, you're out of luck. Your bug will be shipped. It may be fixed later, but it may just as well not, because when it's somewhere at the bottom of the list of all the things to be fixed and when you have another list of all the new things to be implemented... You get the idea. What to change and what to fix, especially close to the release date, goes through the triage process, where managers, developers and testers (re)asses the risks and the costs of making a change and not making it. Finding a security twist of a bug helps get it fixed. But if it's something insignificant, you can forget about it. It will be buried as "won't fix" in the bug tracking system forever and will live on in the product. About the only chance when it can be fixed (or replaced with another bug) is when the buggy code gets thrown away and replaced with something else. Throwing code away doesn't happen too often. But as a user I can definitely relate to your experience. Part of the reason why I worked at the company is that I had this dream of making the system better. But I clearly didn't get many of the "obvious" (or rather, as I put it, shameful) bugs fixed.


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