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Windows 10 NTVDM (Users)

posted by alexfru(R), USA, 06.08.2015, 06:41

> What company you work for, do you mean, Micro$oft? :-P

Worked (2005-2011), but not anymore.

> Yes understand what you write. This is also why I don't seek big companies
> in general. I'm happy to work in s small company where I have my projects
> under control, not just doing a 0,0...% part of big mastodont.

Small companies (smaller than Microsoft) don't always shield you from huge things and don't always give you control over your project. It so happens that while I am not working for Google, I'm working on the guts of Android, which is no small thing and you can forget about controlling it. :)

> BTW if we are talking about security, W10 is full of spyware, sharing,
> clouds, online forcing leaving less control for user over system with every
> newer version.

It looks like it has at least one big security problem (already in the news). Other than that I don't know for sure and can only speculate.

> Also I don't doubt that NSA have some backdoors (Hacking
> team also knows)...

You don't have to have special backdoors. I'm fairly certain, the agencies have Windows source code and the necessary tools to find and exploit the existing vulnerabilities and so does the hacking community (except for the Windows source code, I'd presume, although in theory there could be leaks from the users of the Microsoft academic programs, through which you can get the code).


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