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7zip 15.06 Source DOS compile? (Users)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 14.08.2015, 04:14

> >
> Hm, I can compile only C\UTIL\7Z\7ZDEC.EXE and C\UTIL\LZMA\LZMA.EXE for
> others there's no makefile.gcc. I also found that there are references to
> wchar string functions that are not implemented in DJGPP yet...

You got further than I did. At least you got something to compile. I believe 7zdec.exe only decompresses .7z files, not .zip or .rar, as I think those need 7za.exe. I did not succeed, but I'm using GCC 2.7.1

I don't know or think there's way to delete references to wchar strings and still produce a working binary. Probably needs unicode as well.

May I test your binaries? What version of GCC did you use? 2.8.1? Thanks.


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