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7zip 15.06 Source DOS compile? (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 16.08.2015, 05:11

> 7zip version 15.06 is out and it finally includes the ability to decompress
> RAR v5 archives.

I haven't checked, but IIRC, 7z [sic] only uses the public UnRAR sources as plugin (.so or .dll), which is not commonly used with DJGPP (e.g. few people utilize DXE3 or DJELF). 7za and 7zr don't support plugins. So we've never had a plugin-enabled build for DJGPP.

Did that HX-friendly build (from a year ago) not work for you??

> I'm not sure if it can create RAR v.5, however.

By license, Rar Labs forbids reverse engineering and competing products that can create/compress .RAR archives. This is why UnRAR is "non-free", aka GPL-incompatible.

> As I remember, RayeR and Rugluxio compiled earlier versions of 7za.exe
> to run in DOS under DJGPP.

I think Blair compiled 4.42 a long time ago. I compiled 4.65 and some others (e.g. 9.20.1). Mik did some old ones (4.58?). Khusraw compiled 9.13.

But none of us seem to have the time, energy, or skill to maintain it. And certainly I'm not qualified.

> I seem to recall that 9.13 was compiled under
> GCC 2.7.1 or 2.7.2.

No. First of all, p7zip is C++, and I seriously doubt you can use 2.x for this at all. I think most builds (esp. semi-recently) used G++ 4.4.x or higher (e.g. I used 3.4.x and 4.7.1, among others previously).


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