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7zip 15.06 Source DOS compile? (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 16.08.2015, 05:23

> > >
> >
> > Hm, I can compile only C\UTIL\7Z\7ZDEC.EXE and C\UTIL\LZMA\LZMA.EXE for
> > others there's no makefile.gcc. I also found that there are references
> > to wchar string functions that are not implemented in DJGPP yet...

I don't think they ever intended anyone to use it with wchar-less systems. 7-Zip is heavily oriented towards Windows, and p7zip is heavily oriented towards POSIX. And just to be super obvious here, DJGPP is neither, thus it's much harder (as this code is not portable enough to easily work for us).

> You got further than I did. At least you got something to compile. I
> believe 7zdec.exe only decompresses .7z files, not .zip or .rar, as I think
> those need 7za.exe. I did not succeed, but I'm using GCC 2.7.1

7zdecode is pure C, but p7zip (7z,7za,7zr) is C++. I don't know where you're getting your DJGPPs from, but 2.7.1 (presumably ??) is way too old.

> I don't know or think there's way to delete references to wchar strings and
> still produce a working binary. Probably needs unicode as well.

Of course there's a way, but sadly nobody cares (or at least not the ones who wrote the stuff). That's their prerogative, but unless we have the time and skill to fix it (and I certainly don't), then we're out of luck.

> May I test your binaries? What version of GCC did you use? 2.8.1? Thanks.

Latest /current/ is GCC 4.7.3 while /beta/ has 5.2.0. They are currently (no pun intended) halfway intending to remove /beta/ and just put DJGPP 2.05 (DJDEV205.ZIP, etc.) into /current/ .


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