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Wolfenstein 3D - (newer) Wolf4GW (Announce)

posted by alexfru(R), USA, 16.08.2015, 06:39

> I don't follow neozeed's blog very often (although it's highly
> interesting). He recently
> mentioned
> an updated Github version of
> Wolf4GW by Tobias
> Karnat. I didn't look closely to understand the differences, but it
> does compile and it does (still) work. N.B. You have to separately
> recompile for each separate Wolf3d version (e.g. my Apogee vs. default
> Activision), i.e. "-UGOODTIMES". Heck, I even tested with that old
> (shareware) mod
> XmasWolf,
> which is still fun, even if (somewhat) out of season. :-D

There are some gfx artefacts under DOSBox 0.74. Not sure what's wrong. Is it not supposed to work with data files from shareware v 1.4? Or is there a bug that is only seen in DOSBox?


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