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release candidate of Freepascal 3.0 (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 26.08.2015, 21:34

> Yesterday was released the release candidate for new major version of
> Freepascal.
> The download package is available also for DOS using 32-bit extender
> cwsdpmi.
> The release docs mention that also windows-realmode DOS crosscompiler is
> also available but I haven't found the needed archive.

Maybe he didn't generate it for the RC1 since it takes 5-7 hours to build due to the old way of smartlinking (calling watcom's assembler for every function)

> In future will be released also DOS32-realmodeDOS crosscompiler what is
> absolutely cool.

More good news; this week Nikolay reported that the internal linker for 16-bit is coming along nicely, and the system is initially watcom-free:

Early this week:

The i8086-msdos internal linker has improved greatly and now produces
working executables (hello world, fpctris, samegame) in all memory
models. There are still issues with some larger programs - probably
related to the use of the 'aword' type, or maybe I got some obscure omf
relocation wrong (ouch), but we're really close now, until we don't need
anything from Open Watcom. Crosscompilation from djgpp or darwin should
become a breeze now :)

later added

.... found and fixed the last remaining bug
and now the internal linker is just as good as wlink in terms of
testsuite failures in _all_ memory models. We're officially watcom-free
now! :)

This brings 16-bit compilation on a real dos system closer (though as i386-go32v2->i8086-dos crosscompiler)

That work is in the development 3.1.x version though.


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