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Quake1 and Quake2 now support 3DFX in DOS! (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 28.08.2015, 04:22

> What is worse is fact than in Quake1 in 3DFX mode is the gameplay affected
> by often harddisk loading. When I enter new location the framerate falls
> down as the harddisk works.
> The acceptable solution is suprisinlgy not copying the game into harddisc
> but alternative DPMI server which does not use disc swapping.

You can do several things:

1). manually load "cwsdpmi -s-" (or put that in a .bat, e.g. RUN.BAT)
2). manually load "cwsdpr0" (or "hdpmi32") instead
3). disable swapping permanently in CWSDPMI.EXE via CWSPARAM.EXE (which just changes the swapfile drive letter from 'c' to '\0')
4). if you don't want to modify your global (e.g. %DOSDIR%\cwsdpmi.exe) binary, you can put another local copy in the same subdir as the game .EXE itself, and it should use that one instead, by default
5). IIRC, Quake has the same cmdline param as UHexen2, e.g. "-mem 64" to limit total DPMI used by the game itself


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