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Smaller C compiler (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 04.09.2015, 03:19

(BTW, sorry for procrastinating and not testing this sooner. You've done very good work!)

> I've added an option (-ppg) to smlrcc to invoke gcc as a preprocessor and
> included the va_* macros in stdarg.h.
> This should help until there's a decent preprocessor in Smaller C.
> It looks like DJGPP's gcc.exe works as well.

It looks like you're using "-nostdinc -isystem". Why not just use "-I" instead since it prepends your dir before searching the other typical standard system header places. (GCC online manuals): -I, -isystem

Also, you should probably also use "-U__GNUC__" since some macros may depend on it. (For instance, I was optionally using case ranges #if defined _GNUC__ || defined __TINYC__ , e.g. "case 'a' ... case 'z':".) In other words, if you don't do this and use GCC as preprocessor, SmallerC will choke on faulty code.


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