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ActionTec FastNet Plus in HP 200LX using mTCP problem (Users)

posted by mbbrutman(R) Homepage, Washington, USA, 16.10.2015, 03:43

Just for giggles please try to use software interrupt 0x66 instead of software interrupt 0x60. It should not matter, but every usage of the LXEN2216 driver shows it using 0x66. (Don't forget to update the mTCP configuration file too.)

This setup is known to work with mTCP, or at least it did at one time:

Does anybody have the source code for this driver? It's based on the Crynwr framework so source code is supposed to be available, but I have not found it yet. Seeing the return codes in the packet driver source code would be nice.

mTCP - TCP/IP apps for vintage DOS machines!


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