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Sphinx C-- source code available (Announce)

posted by Guti(R) Homepage, 20.10.2015, 17:27

Very strange it decided to upload RAR an ZIP files to Github, instead of raw uncompressed sources and/or binaries.

Not clear if the intention is to preserve it, or try to give it a new maintenance and improvements.

Personally loved Sphinx, not suitable for real applications. In fact, it was coded in C++ not in Spinx itself. Any way, was funny to code with it, quite likely an enhanced macro assembler with high level structures.

> Some of you may recall Sphinx C--, a C compiler that allows to generate
> very small executables. Supported are the following executables: COM, EXE,
> SYS (DOS drivers), ROM-BIOS, Windows PE-Coff, Windows DLL, 32bit DOS flat
> or DPMI, MenuetOS.
> At long last the source code has been released by Michael Sheker and is
> available here:
> This is the site of Kirill Joss in Kiev.
> There are also all binary, documentation and example files available for
> download.
> The original Sphinx C-- website is broken but you can use this mirror site
> to read about C-- or download the files except the source code:
> Georg

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