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New MB, is it possible to split single PS/2 to KB+mouse? (Users)

posted by mvojvodic(R), 21.10.2015, 19:42

> > I'd be surprised if that were true that it only works with MS mice. I
> > believe that I used splitter for a couple years before USB took over,
> and
> > the first USB mouse I bought was also my first MS mouse.
> In this case I didn' mean the splitter but USB to PS/2 adapter. Like Bret
> told that not every mouse supports dual protocol...

I have the same problem, so I asked my friend, electronics engineer, to
explain all details to me.

If the mouse has its USB to PS/2 adaptor in the package, it can support
both protocols, because it has onboard adaptor IC built in. He told me that
there are several ICs of that type. Onboard IC does all the job, so there
is no need for any software to do the conversion.
If the mouse does not have USB to PS/2 adaptor, you can disasemble the mouse
to inspect the board and see if it has the converter IC or you can
attach the adaptor and try it.

Sorry, I do not have the list of converter ICs.

Maybe this will help.


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