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Arachne (Users)

posted by ron(R) Homepage E-mail, Australia, 21.10.2015, 23:21
(edited by ron on 22.10.2015, 01:50)

> > Hi, Can I use multiple POP3 accounts in web browser Arachne?
> > Thanks
> > David
> Yes, you can.
> Simply save your current setup for pop3 account #1
> as an ACF (Arachne Config File)
> (Hit 'D' for the Dial page and then link to 'Profile')
> Now alter the setup to use pop3 account #2 and save it as
> a different named ACF
> To load and use #1 again, 'D' for the dial page, link to 'ACF profiles',
> and then link to the profile for pop3 account #1
> _______
> Alternately, you can create an ASF (Arachne Script File)
> containing all of your pop3 accounts.
> Linking to that ASF file will download any waiting mail from all of them.
> --- pop-all.asf ---
> pop3://
> pop3://
> pop3://
> pop3://
> pop3://
> pop3://
> reload:file://inbox.dgi
> _____________________________________________

That is pretty much the way I do it.

I have 7 POP3 accounts and I have modified the Mail screen to include a
range of different profiles.

Click on the profile, then click for mail.
Read, then either reply/save or delete.

Repeat till all email has been dealt with.

Can post a screen shot if that will help.

Better: Here is a version of Arachne's mail.htm to take multiple POP3 accounts.

Create the individual profiles and edit this file to match those profiles,
then rename it to replace mail.htm.

AUSREG Consultancy
Tadpole Tunes
Sna Keo Il


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