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New MB, is it possible to split single PS/2 to KB+mouse? (Users)

posted by mvojvodic(R), 22.10.2015, 11:18

> I have only MS IntelliMouse Explorer and Optical where MS seems to be
> generous to provide USB-PS/2 adapter to most of his mice.
> OK, and could he also tell something to combined PS/2 at 6x chipset GB MBs?
> :)

He can, but I can also.
I have an older GB mainboard. All such boards have the same problem:
When GigaByte started to implement FireWire, all USB versions, and SATA,
they needed more memory for BIOS. Instead of buying bigger memory chip
they decided to save some money. So they deleted all what they considered
obsolete, and I have BIOS problem, not hardware one.
The results of such stupid saving are for my GB motherboard:
There are two serial ports, but BIOS supports only one, and there is no
serial mouse support, only external modem works.
I have standard IDE controller with only two ports, but only master is
supported (BIOS does not see slave IDE).
Diskette controller is also standard, but only A is working. Another
diskette can be connected, but it is not supported. I can only use standard
media with 80 tracks and 15 or 18 sectors, BIOS does not see other
diskette formats, so HD-COPY for DOS is useless.

Most newer MBs are even worse. The producers remove all hardware they
consider obsolete, not only BIOS code.


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