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New MB, is it possible to split single PS/2 to KB+mouse? (Users)

posted by mvojvodic(R), 22.10.2015, 20:21

> Hm, this seems really crippled. What model and chipset exactly is it?
> My current Gigabyte MB GA-P31-DS3L (LGA775, intel P31) have quite good BIOS
> support. I don't have any floppy od IDE limitation, even uide driver works
> here. I have yet an old-style textmode Award BIOS. But newer LGA1155 MBs
> mostly using UEFI. Some years ago I have shortly borrowed one MB
> GA-B75M-D3V with UEFI and I didn't find fatal error with DOS. It also
> supported EDD 3.0. Here are some
> logs. Unfortunatelly I
> didn't tried the PS/2 for both KB+mouse as I belived it must work with
> Y-cable. If I remember well, there was issues with Win98 that booted only
> in safemode and dos-based setup crashed so unable to make a new install.

I have GB MA770T-UD3 with Award 6.0 Rev1 BIOS. Some people got flash update
for that crippled BIOS, but it is not available anymore.
Its AMD chipset supports AMD Phenom with 4 cores. BTW, I use SATA for disks
and it works perfectly. DVD is on IDE channel and UIDE from 05.03.2015 works
also. If I get combo diskette unit I could use two diskettes.
Both PS/2 ports work also.

I tested one MB with updated BIOS. Serial mouse works and two IDE ports are
supported. There is still only one diskette supported, but all formats
work, even 5 inch formatted as 1.44 MB.


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