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USB support under DOS on intel 6-series chipstet? (Users)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 19.11.2015, 11:46

I found that my favourite USBASPI.SYS from Panasonic doesn't longer work on new MB with P67 chipset. The difference seems to be that P67 is pure USB 2.0 system with EHCI only compared to ICH7 that exposed also UHCI. USBASPI.SYS already supports EHCI but it failed to detect USB targets. It finds just hubs, nothing else. Seems that hub makes a firewall :-D that cannot be passed. I tested only backpanel USB ports but probably it's screwed on all ports.
It reports:


ASPI Manager for USB mass-storage  Version 2.27
 (C)Copyright Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. 2000-2008

    Controller  : 00-26-0 VID=8086h PID=1C2Dh (1458h-5006h) EHCI
                :         MEM=FBFFE000h-FBFFE3FFh(1024Bytes)
    Controller  : 00-29-0 VID=8086h PID=1C26h (1458h-5006h) EHCI
                :         MEM=FBFFD000h-FBFFD3FFh(1024Bytes)
    ... Initializing Host Controller 1/2 ...

    ... Initializing Host Controller 2/2 ...

    ... Scanning USB Devices ...

    USB Device  : VID=8087h PID=0024h HS(HUB)
    ... Scanning USB Devices ...

                : VID=8087h PID=0024h HS(HUB)
    ... Scanning USB Devices ...

    ERROR : Target USB device not found.

1 char device installed.
Driver loaded.

USBHOSTS 0.06, (C) 2007-2009, Bret E. Johnson.

       PCI BUS
      様様様様様                             BASE           USB DRIVER
      I   B  D F                      BASE   PHYSICAL   様様様様様様様様様
HOST  d   u  v n              USB IRQ I/O    MEMORY     HST             BW
様様  様 様   様様 様様 様 様 様様 様様様様様  様 様様様様様 様様
EHCI  0   0 26 0  8086h 1C2Dh 2.0  10 臼臼 FBFF_E000h  臼 臼臼臼臼臼 臼臼
                  Intel Corp

EHCI  1   0 29 0  8086h 1C26h 2.0   3 臼臼 FBFF_D000h  臼 臼臼臼臼臼 臼臼
                  Intel Corp

I also tried USBMASS/386 and Iomega ASPIEHCI.SYS but without any success. Is there any working solution for newer chipsets? Bret, didn't you planned EHCI driver? :) BTW what about AMD, did they dropped UHCI too? This suxx. But BIOS USB disk support seems to work well and I never used other USB device under DOS so it's not big problem for me. But for future we would need some EHCI/XHCI solution...

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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