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USB support under DOS on intel 6-series chipstet? (Users)

posted by marcov(R), 23.11.2015, 16:55

> > > > I have currently i7 2600K that arrived from ebay/Germany yesterday.
> > >
> > > Skylake?? What are the family/model/stepping?
> >
> > (i7 2600k is the topmodel of consumer Sandy Bridge)
> (half-joking) Marco, why didn't you warn him that he was buying obsolete
> tech? It's from 2011! 32nm is bloated! Sure, it's probably cheaper, but
> you're paying for it in the long run. It doesn't even fully support
> AVX-512!

(neither does consumer Skylake to my best knowledge. Only the -E to be released in an year or so is rumoured to have it)

He said he bought it from ebay, so I assumed an economic metric (performance/$) rather than a technical or environmental one.

> Anyways, don't blame me for not memorizing all the model numbers. Wikipedia
> does say "i7 6700k" is Skylake (Turbo Boost-able from 4.0 Ghz to 4.2,
> single core, while his ancient Sandy Bridge only goes from 3.4 to 3.8).

I benchmarked skylake against its cousin i7 2500, and don't expect miracles from the CPU. Most changes nowadays are in the GPU, the rest is just a few percent per generation at best.


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