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USB support under DOS on intel 6-series chipstet? (Users)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 27.11.2015, 11:30

> (read, write or read/write ? Read/write is half the bandwidth obviously)

I know that R/W matters, but I don't know what method Memtest use. It was just relative comparison of 2 systems. I will run mbench that makes detailed test and measure also the latency. Here's my last tuned result of my C2D/DDR2-2CH system:

Intel Pentium III (CPUID = 67a) @ 3553.0MHz (FSB:MEM = 2,4x)
Instruction set support : MMX SSE SSE2

Access latency                   65.9 ns (234 clocks)

Read datarate (INT)             6455 Mb/s
Write datarate (INT)            2818 Mb/s

Read datarate (MMX)             7182 Mb/s
Write datarate (MMX)            2818 Mb/s

Read datarate (SSE)             7242 Mb/s
Write datarate (SSE)            7627 Mb/s

But first I will need to make mounting for this little baby :) I don't have the right backplate and I really don't like intel box style plastic mounts. So I get a piece of 5mm Al and do some handwork... :)

> Yesterday in a kind of pre-blackfriday sale I bought a Kaveri (A10-7850K)
> to upgrade my "spare" machine, and tested it today, it did about 5ms (with
> DDR3-1600) which is about 5600MB/s in the same test.

Hm, I don't have any experiences with newer AMD machines but I would expect similar BW to intel from DDR3 - seems not...

> Of note that one had to manually enable the usage of 1600 XMP memory in the
> UEFI bios.

I didn't mess with XMS yet as I temporarly have some basic module at 1333, waiting to buy something better. If I understand well, XMS is another timing profile beyond JEDEC basic that is recorded in SPD EEPROM of the module and you can activate it easily instead of setting all the timings manually, right? If there is a datasheet from manufacturer it would't be problem to set timings manually according it.

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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