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hx extender on bttr programs page? (DOSX)

posted by mateusz(R) Homepage, France, 31.12.2015, 18:05

> Does it include my 386SX patch that I suggested to Japheth years ago? :)

Yes, it does contain Ninho's 386 patch (as well as other fixes). It's exactly here:

> i haven't had any personal communication with Mateusz, i
> was just reporting it. But i don't get the impression that Japheth
> intentionally passed the HimemX torch to him, i think Mateusz just decided
> to re-host the project to keep it going.

That's exactly what happened, yes. I never had much contact with Japeth. At some point I was reinstalling my venerable 386SX to test DOSMid (among other things), and I got stuck with XMS support. Only many hours of testing/debugging/investigating I noticed that an unofficial patch exists, that makes HimemX compatible with 386SX - and it worked flawlessly on my hardware. At this moment I decided no one should endure the pain I had to go through, so I forked HimemX to sourceforge and tested/applied all community patches I could find.


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