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wine for dos? (Developers)

posted by napoleon80386(R) E-mail, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 02.01.2016, 18:05

> at this time only way for play win program on dos is hx (seem the site it's
> down..Japheth don't support anymore this project?).

Not only. For simple programs (like Hello World) a lot of other extenders also suitable: WDOSX, Phar Lap, Borland Powerpack, etc.
For complex console apps there also is powerful extender DosWin32 (free, but closed source).
And for graphics apps, all right, only HX.

> For extending the range of apps can be compiled wine for dos?

Yes, it can be compiled. But it also needs to be linked. Also, it should work. First step don't grant second and third. Also, first two steps don't grant third.

> The release 1.0 appear wrote on C , and i suppose can can be adapted to
> djgpp..but i stand for your comment about this..

Yes, 1.0 is written on C, but it can hardly be adapted to DJGPP. Because it needs some features, which DJGPP had not heard at all: signals, threads, semaphors, file mapping, etc. You should look into old versions of Wine: in 1999 year, for example, Wine could launch Starcraft and many other DirectX apps.

Wine on DOS is back:


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