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Free pascal 3.0 has been released! (Announce)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 16.01.2016, 18:55

On FreeDOS developement list is now a discussion whether Freepascal needs LFN.
The answer is that in default configuration it really LFN uses but it can be easily avoided.
To be more detailed:
All important binaries are SFN and all important libraries (in pascal terminology called units) are also SFN.
The only LFN stuff are some very special units origining from later versions of Delphi.
The other LFN stuff are PATHS to some standard units - including some Turbo pascal compatible units.

This issue is annoying but it is not problem of FPC itself but of FPC installer.
But it is absolutely no problem to manualy edit the FPC.CFG and FP.CFG files and fix it. I highly recoment to install FPC with LFN support, to keep the paths as they are but in FPC.CFG anf FP.CFG files change the -Fd lines to this SFN form:



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