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Fun with vDOS (Emulation)

posted by Wengier(R) E-mail, 17.01.2016, 00:58
(edited by Wengier on 17.01.2016, 01:10)

If you are still interested in LFN support in vDos -- just let you know that my current vDos-lfn (version 2015.11.01) has much better LFN support now than the one posted earlier in this thread. The vDos-lfn 2015.11.01 binary is available from the URL:

You can read the vDos-lfn.txt file included in the package for more information.


> > > I haven't looked at the DOSBOX or vDOS code yet, but it sounds like
> your
> > patch might be applicable. If you do it, please let me know.
> >
> > I have examined the source code a bit. Indeed, my LFN patch for DOSBox is
> > applicable to vDOS to some degree.
> My guess was that the area your patch might apply to would be be largely
> the same in DOSBOX and vDOS, and not one of the places vDOS diverged
> significantly.
> > But there are also differences between
> > the source code of current versions of DOSBox and vDOS. One reason for
> the
> > difference is that vDOS was probably not forked from the (SVN) version
> of
> > DOSBox that my patch was based on, and the other reason is that the vDOS
> > author had changed the structure of the source code a bit since the
> fork.
> Okay. No surprise.
> > Yet, it should be considered doable. To show this, I have uploaded a
> demo
> > of vDOS build with some LFN support, which I added earlier today. It
> should
> > however only be considered as a proof-of-concept build rather than a
> > full-featured release with LFN support. Now DIR should list long file
> > names, but other commands probably won't work with LFN yet. LFN support
> can
> > also be turned off by setting LFN=OFF in CONFIG.TXT (it is turned on by
> > default). I will only work on it further when I have time. Thanks for
> your
> > understanding.
> Thank you. I've copied it over vDOS.exe and I'm playing with it. Seems to
> work. Understood on time. If you get the chance to do more that's
> wonderful, but real life takes precedence.
> ______
> Dennis


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