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Free pascal 3.0 has been released! (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 17.01.2016, 17:29

> > On FreeDOS developement list is now a discussion whether
> > Freepascal needs LFN.
> IMO,
> DOS == 8.3
> 'nuf said ;-)

Well, that is the problem in a multi OS project like FPC. Not everyone wants to limit themselves to 8.3 on all systems, because the best one can do is 8.3.

However in general the idea is to keep msdos (16-bit) and go32v2(32-bit) running on pure dos for minor development if the changes are not too intrusive, but in time bootstrapping etc only cross-.

Anyway, starting with 3.0, most units/ packages are under control of a build tool written in FPC that makes things like this easier. It might be worth posting a bugreport for the rtl-console thingy. Deriving some short package name for 8.3 target systems might be doable, and then the tool will do the rest.


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