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Old Noob wants to graduate from MS-DOS 6.21 (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 17.01.2016, 23:41

> If you want to run DOS only under emulation or virtualization just buy the
> mainstream - ordinar higher class of notebook.

You pretty much need hardware "virtualization technology" (VT-X) to work comfortably. A lot of machines presumably still don't have this (but AMD might? be more generous even on lower-end models).

> f you want to run DOS programs occasionaly natively or if you are skilled
> enough to make dual boot system (WinXP on NTFS and DOS on FAT) you have to
> buy a older generation notebook intended for windows XP.

You can almost dual boot just by booting USB (see RUFUS or UNetBootIn), which shouldn't be hard to do as long as you have a BIOS (so maybe not if your laptop is UEFI only with no CSM).

> And if you want to run or develop DOS programs more intensively you will
> have to find notebook intended for Windows98.

You're never going to have full compatibility anywhere. A lot of things just don't work or are too hard to fix. But if you keep your goals reasonable, you can be reasonably happy. Win9x-level compatibility is probably not going to happen, and even XP is potentially hard to find. There is no quick and easy fix, even VT-X won't fix everything, so you can't have it all (esp. sound or power management or networking or pretty much any low-level stuff that has changed over the years, DOS is not a priority for most companies to support anymore).


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