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Old Noob wants to graduate from MS-DOS 6.21 (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 19.01.2016, 14:48

> I would seriously recommend the 'DOS' environment of Windows XP or Windos 7
> 32-bit.
> It should run all your old DOS programs

Uh, not so much. It might run "some" (but even less on anything after XP), but saying "all" is promising WAY too much. Seriously, I'd be depressed if I saw how incompatible it was nowadays (if I didn't already know). We're lucky anything still works (in Windows). For example, AFAIK, no full-screen in Vista or newer, which might be a dealbreaker for him. :-(

EDIT: My point is that there are varying levels of compatibility, but Windows is sadly not top tier for that anymore.


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