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Old Noob wants to graduate from MS-DOS 6.21 (Users)

posted by tom(R) Homepage, Germany, 19.01.2016, 18:41
(edited by tom on 19.01.2016, 18:53)

> > I would seriously recommend the 'DOS' environment of Windows XP or Windos
> 7
> > 32-bit.
> >
> > It should run all your old DOS programs
> Uh, not so much. It might run "some" (but even less on anything after XP),
> but saying "all" is promising WAY too much. Seriously, I'd be depressed if
> I saw how incompatible it was nowadays (if I didn't already know). We're
> lucky anything still works (in Windows).

I'm very much aware that many programs (low level) won't work with Windows.

However, reading his request, "That way I'm hoping I could multi-task between my favorite DOS programs: a text editor called TSE, a database called FYI and, of course, that old workhorse of a file manager, XTree.", should work pretty well with Windows, and even multitask.

I don't see any alternative solution to his whishes, inparticular virtual machines don't help to multi-task.

DOSemu on Linux might also work, but I never used it.
And I doubt a real Noob would be able to install linux+DOSemu.

edit: DOSBox should also work on newer Windows


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