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Old Noob wants to graduate from MS-DOS 6.21 (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 21.01.2016, 08:03

> The best multitask solution would be DV/X in a VM then :-)

Better than Linux/DOSEMU? Doubt it.

DR-DOS 7.03 is still sold, but you're limited to 64 MB per (multi)task.

I don't know about DV/X, it's not easily available anywhere (legally).

> Multiple instances of an emulator or VM don't operate on the same
> filesystem, so that is not so useful.

So what? Use separate disks then merge the files later, if needed. Or send your files through the network. (Dunno exactly, but it's far from impossible.)

Okay, so you always make me think about FreeBSD. (No, I don't have a Mac.) A quick check shows that OS X (10.10, Yosemite) added a Hypervisor framework. (As you know, that kind of thing is all the rage these days, e.g. Win64 Pro's Hyper-V or VMware.) Apparently, FreeBSD's bhyve (VT-X ftw!) has been ported to OS X (xhyve), and the same guy wrote a simple example (very limited subset!) emulator called hvdos. Also, the bhyve wiki page says that it now partially supports UEFI/BIOS (since October 2015). Also, there's a 2013 paper about using doscmd (instead of GPL'd SeaBIOS) with bhyve for BIOS emulation.

In short, nobody get their hopes up! I doubt any of this is better than whatever VBox gives us. I'm just saying, there is some broad worldwide interest (beyond just QEMU/KVM or whatever).

Seriously, I cannot stress this enough, you have to have VERY low expectations for this kind of thing. It's just not a priority for most developers. Most emulation is heavily focused on Windows or *nix.


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