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Old Noob wants to graduate from MS-DOS 6.21 (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 22.01.2016, 01:58

> > and the same guy wrote a simple example (very limited subset!) emulator
> called hvdos.
> Nice and simple. I'd like to see a similar example for windows or bare
> metal in C...

You mean like 8086tiny or Fake86? No, you presumably mean hardware-assisted.

BTW, here's what resident guru Eric Auer says:

> If you use Dosemu (in Linux) or Dosbox (Linux, Windows),
> you will NOT need VT-X and you CAN run multiple,
> even graphical, threads sharing the SAME (virtual)
> disk drives because they are simply host OS dirs.
> I think the thread is way too pessimistic about
> DOS in boxes and WAY too optimistic about using
> task switchers together with modern DOS software
> on also modern raw hardware.


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