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UIDE etc. (Mar-18-2015) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 23.01.2016, 07:11

I really hate to dredge this up (yet again), but it seems this trainwreck never ends.

> If you want to try his latest drivers (Mar-18) [sic], grab them from his
> DropBox, but since he doesn't even use FreeDOS (only MS-DOS 6.22), I'm not
> sure if they work at all anymore:
> [N.B. invalid URL, only mentioned here for clarity]

mvojvodic, I was actually trying to ask you to test this particular version and report back here (since it didn't work for me), but you never did. Nobody else ever did either.

Among other things, Jack has told me that he directly blames me (the "fraud") for saying "I'm not sure if [the drivers] work at all anymore". Allegedly, that one half-sentence is literally the only reason he is now closed source. Literally, that's it!

(He even brags about not using "FleaDOS". Clearly he has other issues with various people beyond me, so let's not pretend this is the only problem.)

Well, as I thought I had mentioned to some of you, my DOS config files haven't changed since 2013. So I can still retest his old drivers. (My point is that the only software that changed is the drivers themselves, everything else was the same.) And I can take a photo of the monitor. Not 100% airtight proof, but I assume you'll get the gist. Note that it could be my machine or some other bug, but it doesn't matter. I'm trying to "prove" that his drivers stopped working (for me).

Feel free to test this specific version! Anybody? I would like to know if it works for anybody else. Presumably it does or he wouldn't have released it, but clearly it doesn't work for me.

(Ironically, after he said "I give up on FreeDOS", for no good reason, he still emailed me, trying to get me to mirror "Mar-18". But I didn't do it because it was too buggy! Of course, even after I totally ignored his hate-filled insult email [May 16], he still wouldn't stay away.)

(Of course, he might also have a hidden agenda, I dunno. I'm just tired of hearing about it!)


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